Virtual Exchange Programs

Virtual Exchanges are technology-enabled people-to-people education programs and/or activities without any travel between groups or individuals in geographically different locations and/or from different cultures.

At SF State, Virtual Exchange facilitates dialogues and cross-cultural learning between degree-seeking SF State students and those from a partner university only in the virtual space.

Reach out to Dr. Janelle Waldrep in the Division of International Education at to discuss the potential collaboration and what is institutionally needed, even for Virtual Exchanges with existing exchange partner universities.

Once a Virtual Exchange program has been established with the Division of International Education, students will need to work both with the SF State Abroad Team and the SF State faculty member/department sponsoring the Virtual Exchange.

To participate and receive resident academic credit, students must complete the following with the SF State Abroad Team:

  1. Students must apply online in the SF State Abroad Database by the deadline posted on the program page.
  2. They must receive written approval from the Division of International Education to participate.
  3. Additionally, students must complete a pre-Virtual Exchange orientation with the Division of International Education before the start of the Virtual Exchange program/activity.

If the steps above are not completed, students participating in a Virtual Exchange program (even with a partner university) will have their transcripts treated as potential transfer credit and subject to the same policies as a Non-SF State Abroad Program.

Last updated: March 2024